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The Carbon API

A suite of products to make decarbonization effortless: we offer tools for companies working with carbon credits at scale. Discover our API-first approach to empower your carbon operations, automate processes and scale impact.
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Upgrade your carbon management with a modern, unified API

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Atem unifies dozens of carbon standards, exchanges and protocols behind a powerful API, enabling you to get more out of your carbon management—from sourcing to offsetting.
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In a historical moment of crisis, we aim to make the tools work for a carbon negative future.

Christoph Lange, Co-Founder
For Sourcing teams

Millions of credits at wholesale prices

Atem unifies otherwise fragmented and complicated carbon markets behind one, easy-to-use carbon API and web interface. Get instant, wholesale access to 25m+ high-quality credits and automate the entire sourcing process from buying to retirement.
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25m+ credits, including
forward contracts
Keep your credits in
secure custody
Automate otherwise
manual processes
Buy and sell at
market rates 24/7
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For Sustainability teams

More impact, same budget

Atem connects you directly to tens of millions of verified carbon credits. No hidden mark-ups or fees. Build trust with on-chain certificates as retirement proof—your sustainability efforts can make you a climate action leader.
Direct market access,
low prices
Fully verified, additional
quality scores
Verifiable impact with
on-chain certificates
Project ratings and
project materials
For Product teams


With Atem’s API, generating impact becomes a natural part of every business. Embedded climate action is simplifying processes and scaling impact for a future that is climate-positive by default. Transform every interaction, sale or purchase into verifiable impact.
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Embed climate action
into everything
Three APIs for
every use case
No need for knowledge
of decentralized ledgers
Built for enterprise-scale

Ready to upgrade your carbon operations?