Atem for sustainability teams

Reach your climate goals faster

Increase impact within your offsetting budget: Leverage Atem’s API to gain more insight into carbon credit quality and pricing. Execute your sustainability strategy with matching carbon credits and efficient carbon portfolio management. Build trust with on-chain certificates as retirement proof and share your decarbonization progress.

Gain a reputation for climate action

Build recognition for your sustainability efforts and become a climate action leader. Claims of greenwashing are accumulating as public attention and legal scrutiny increase. Higher transparency reduces risk and therefore potential harm to your brand.
Add more data sources, including independent credit ratings to your sustainability operations — Atem is connected to multiple sources, adding market data, project data, and quality evaluation to your database.
Ensure credit quality with ratings
Automated offsetting
Set your goals and results follow. Leave a trail of impact as your business progresses: your public proof of offsetting stacks up in the background. Is even more impact needed? Offset in addition with one click or one API call.

For forward-thinking companies, Atem connects core business activities to verifiable impact — to make their impact scale

Democratize carbon insights

Receive impact certificates that are ready to be used in corporate sustainability communication. Become a frontrunner in transparent, and independently verifiable climate action: Atem improves auditability and ultimately increases trust in your sustainability efforts.
Increase control over all offsetting-related actions. All your carbon reductions and carbon removal projects are in one portfolio. Manage your credits and easily trigger bulk retirements in a single transaction.
Operationalize climate action

Ready to upgrade your carbon sourcing?