Atem for sourcing teams

Vast supply at wholesale prices

Atem unifies otherwise fragmented and complicated carbon markets. Get instant, wholesale access to 20m+ high-quality credits with Atem’s easy-to-use carbon API and dashboard. Atem connects you directly to millions of verified carbon credits. No hidden mark-ups or fees.

Unlock direct access to millions of carbon credits

Atem taps into a wide range of credit supply, including carbon futures, without the need to rely on intermediaries. Purchase credits from diverse pools of climate action projects and save up to 70% without compromising quality.
Automated offsetting, faster results
Reduce manual workload with automated offsetting streams and focus on increasing your impact. Atem speeds up the entire sourcing and procurement process so climate goals will be achieved faster.

End-to-end integration

Integrate offsetting into your workflows, from discovery, over buying, holding, and managing your portfolio, to retirement and reporting. Instead of managing multiple accounts and sourcing from different providers, Atem is a single point of contact for scalable offsetting.

Lightning-fast and trusted transactions without intermediaries

Real-time sourcing

Tens of millions of diverse carbon credits can be purchased straight away. With Atem’s API, carbon credits become accessible in real-time. Collecting quotes and awaiting confirmation is a thing of the past.
Understand where supply is heading and how carbon markets are changing. See market developments and price signals from all on-chain carbon sources with Atem’s Intelligence API.
Live market insights

Overcome supplier lock-in

Source carbon credits from anywhere: Atem makes sourcing from new suppliers easy. No more costly integration processes and resulting lock-in, preventing you from making the most out of the whole carbon market.

Best value for your money
Atem offers not only direct access to carbon credits without markups but also the lowest fees in the industry

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