An instant upgrade for your carbon operations

Atem understands the magnitude of corporate sustainability commitments as well as the potential of future carbon market infrastructure. To make decarbonization effortless, we offer a suite of products that cover market insights, full-scale portfolio management, and easy, reliable offsetting. Discover our API-first approach to empower your carbon operations.
Unparalleled insight into carbon markets

Carbon Intelligence API

Atem’s Carbon Intelligence API provides detailed information about a wide range of carbon credit supply and demand. Understand market developments, price changes, and carbon credit quality ratings via one, unified data source.
Perfect for companies consulting around carbon that are monitoring market developments and require early market insights.
Integration via
GraphQL interface
Unified data model for different ledgers and registries
Aggregation of the entire on-chain market, rich project and rating data
Raw data of all related transactions, wallets, etc.
End-to-end carbon management

Carbon Management API

Atem’s Carbon Management API brings transparency. Manage your own supply and interact with carbon markets in real-time to source, sell and retire.
Perfect for companies working with carbon credits at scale that want to improve their carbon management and leverage the full potential of modern-day carbon markets.
Integration via REST API or access the Atem web dashboard
Setting up customer accounts with billing details, order history, and more
Tokenize, trade, hold and retire carbon credits
Only showing data relevant to the customer
Offsetting reimagined: Source and retire like never before

Carbon Offsetting API

Atem’s Carbon Offsetting API is the easiest way to improve your offsetting impact. Access a wide range of carbon credits with deep project data and quality ratings, buy, hold and retire in an instant.
Perfect for companies conscious of their climate impact, that want to simplify their offsetting process and maximize impact without the added complexity.
Source from tens of millions of credits
Filter according to your sustainability strategy
Buy and retire instantly
Receive proof-of-retirement certificates

Ready to upgrade your carbon operations?