Atem for product teams

Build sustainability into everything

We believe in a future where every company, every product, and every service is climate positive. With Atem’s API, generating impact becomes a natural part of every business. Embedded climate action is simplifying processes today, and scaling impact tomorrow.

Decarbonize every interaction

Atem’s Carbon API enables true carbon-neutral products and services by embedding carbon removal. Connected to your business performance or emissions tracking solution, every interaction, sale, or purchase can automatically be transformed into verifiable impact.
Make your impact generation scale
Manually selecting carbon credits is a thing of the past. Bypass tedious data
collection and one-off credit purchases. Automate impact generation and carbon neutrality by linking the retirement of carbon credits to your business

Tomorrow’s gold standard of product development:
a climate-positive mindset

Climate-Positive by default

Atem enables custom, real-time impact generation. Atem’s API is a groundbreaking tool to integrate scalable impact, acting as the easiest choice to ensure businesses become more sustainable and lower their negative impact — carbon neutrality
is becoming the new normal.
Neutralize the negative climate impact of products and services with Atem’s API. We’ve solved the hard challenges around tokenized carbon credits so that you can focus on what matters — excel in your field while simultaneously driving decarbonization.
Climate action as a service

Bite-sized offsetting

Built for enterprise-scale impact, Atem enables the triggering of offsetting in an automated fashion at any size. No matter how granular the order flow is, when integrated into business processes, Atem delivers all magnitudes of climate impact.

Ready to upgrade your carbon sourcing?