End-to-end carbon management

Atem unifies all key activities around carbon credits behind one powerful API and web dashboard. Whatever your specific needs—market insights, sourcing, tokenizing, automated retirement—you can manage your carbon operations more efficiently.
Atem is standard agnostic and can tokenize credits from a range of verification bodies. Add rich metadata such as pictures and link to external auditors, reports, and ratings. Manage your unified credit portfolio through the powerful Atem API.
Unlock advanced features and capabilities
Tokenize your credits via one interface
Programmatic credit
Connect your credits to the on-chain ecosystem
Increase transparency and auditability of your credits
Atem takes out the complexity of carbon credit procurement by aggregating a wide range of marketplaces and exchanges. Atem is not a reseller of credits but always finds the least expensive credits for your order. Furthermore, save with the lowest transaction fees in the market.
Get the best price for the credits you need
Direct market access
Over 25m credits available
in real-time
Get more impact
for your budget
Hold your carbon credit portfolio in a secure and reliable way
Atem stores your credits securely and removes the need to interact with complex decentralized ledger technology. Atem works with an integrated, fully regulatory-compliant custody provider that is currently supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).
Secure credit
custody solution
Fully BaFin supervised
custody partner
Managed by Atem
Atem aggregates different marketplaces, exchanges, and OTC channels in one API. Selling to the market is enabled 24/7 while orders are intelligently routed and filled to make sure you are not leaving money on the table. Furthermore, maximize your return with the lowest transaction fees in the market.
Sell your credits directly to a wide range of buyers
Maximize the return on your carbon credits
Sell in an instant with no delay
Lowest fees in the market
Always stay in control
Retire your credits with one API call or click
No more manual and error-prone retirement processes, no more waiting time. Retire any volume of credits through an API call or the Atem interface. Receive a retirement certificate that is written on decentralized ledgers and thus publicly verifiable, to communicate your offsetting commitment.
Retire via API call or click
Any volume, from one tonne to millions
On-chain retirement certificates

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