Our Purpose

A future on a thriving planet

We believe in a positive future for humanity, a future in balance with our planet’s resources and ecosystems.

To ensure a future on a thriving planet, we believe in the power of systems to scale up positive externalities such as reducing emissions, removing carbon, and restoring natural ecosystems.

Our Principles


We believe in science and an unbiased approach to focus on advancing the most efficient tools humans have at their disposal.


We believe that transparency, automation, and a decentralized mindset are going to radically increase our ability to succeed.


We believe a positive future is grounded in imagining a future most people would like to live in.

Management team

We’re building on top of a revolutionary tech stack — that is unlocking carbon markets. We are incredibly thankful for the amount of work that has already been done in the space. With tokenized credits we are entering into the next iteration of how offsetting can be scaled.


Christoph Lange, Co-Founder
Our Values
make an essential contribution to rebalancing our planet
Go bold
progress on an ambitious and courageous venture
Focus on impact
aim for a huge impact with little friction
Play to win
aspire to be an elementary building block in the voluntary carbon market

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